Where to live in Düsseldorf – a city guide

Moving to Düsseldorf but you’re not quite sure yet in what area to look for a place to stay? Below we list our favourite areas of Düsseldorf, for any age.

  • Bilk: Given its closeness to the University this neighbourhood is very popular among young people and especially students. Rent is affordable (although slightly increasing lately) and infrastructure connections are good. You will find a decent amount of cafés, restaurants and supermarkets within walking distance.
  • Flingern Nord: Historically, Flingern has been mostly a blue-collar district. Over the past years, this has changed – particularly Flingern Nord has become popular among young people and families. Flingern Nord is popular for its cafés and restaurants (especially along Ackerstraße) but you will also find regular shops. This district is certainly turning into one of the new hip areas of Düsseldorf.
  • Kaiserswerth: This neighbourhood is a bit further away from the city centre, but it is well connected via tram (approx. 20 min). Its proximity to the river Rhine make it a perfect place for sports-lovers and families. It is certainly one of the calmer areas of Düsseldorf, but you will nevertheless find everything you need around Klemensplatz and along Kaiserswerther Markt.
  • Oberkassel: With its stunning art nouveau houses this is certainly one of the prettiest areas in Düsseldorf. It is one of the most popular areas of Düsseldorf; rents tend therefore to be higher than in most other districts. It is located across the Rhine, but the city centre can easily be reached within 10 minutes. Particularly Luegalle is full of small boutiques and restaurants. Lately, it attracted particularly Japanese expats – for this reason, the Japanese International School is located here.
  • Pempelfort: This area is especially popular among families with young children. Along Nordstraße, one of the biggest shopping streets in Düsseldorf, is a sheer endless variety of bakeries, florists, greengrocers, boutiques and book shops.
  • Stadtmitte: Stadtmitte, which literally means “city centre”, is as the name suggests the most central district of Düsseldorf. It includes the popular shopping street “Königsallee”, as well as the major business district of the city, and the Japanese quarter. Its proximity to the main station makes this district furthermore very attractive for frequent commuters.
  • Altstadt: We should mention this one as this is where all the life happens. Alstadt has a very high concentration of shops, cafés and restaurants for the day, as well as bars, pubs, and clubs by night. That being said, it can get pretty noisy on weekends – especially during summertime when huge crowds will outside of bars and pubs until dawn. Unless you are a strong party enthusiast we would therefore recommend you to maybe rather stay in some close-by areas.

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