Public transportation in Düsseldorf

Before coming to Düsseldorf, there might be a few questions on your mind regarding daily life here. Where to live, to shop, to eat, and how to move about the city? Below we try to answer this last question and explain how public transport in Dusseldorf works.

Good news first: as in most German cities, public transport in Dusseldorf is well developed and (of course, because it’s Germany…) quite efficient. There are trams / undergrounds, and buses, and with a combination of these to you will be able to reach almost any spot in the city quickly. Especially during rush hour it is quite likely that taking the underground will get you faster to your destination than a car. Public transport connections run very frequently, and when you are on a popular route, such as from the Old Town to the train station, you are not likely to wait for more than 3 minutes for the next underground.

Although most tram and underground lines will stop during weeknights for a few hours, there will still be buses running throughout the night, usually on an hourly basis. On weekends, transportation between 1am and 4am is extended by the so-called “NachtExpress-Linien” (NightExpress lines), running every 30min – 1h, depending on the “NE”-line you are using. Although these are basically regular buses, they often let you get off between two bus stops should the traffic situation allow it – simply let the driver know where you would like to get off! If needed, the bus drivers of the night lines even call a cab for you to pick you up at the bus stop where you are getting off.

Here you can find detailed information on pricing of public transportation in Düsseldorf, including single, weekly, monthly, and annual tickets.