Autumn in Düsseldorf with kids

Golden October is here and delights us with colourful trees, steel blue skies, and the last sunny days of the year. Suddenly the city is full of bikes and pedestrians, trying to soak up these last warm sunbeams. If you are wondering how to make the most of these lovely October days for your children in Düsseldorf (keep the little ones playing outside while they still can!), we collected our team’s favourite autumn activities for children – all of them, of course, tested ourselves. Happy October!

Colourful trees in Düsseldorf Volksgarten
  1. Collecting chestnuts in the park: Düsseldorf is full of chestnut trees, the next one is probably right outside your window or just around the next corner. Children love running through those colourful piles of fallen leaves, and when you set out to search for chestnuts (and your children will find plenty of them!) you also prepare yourself for those rainy days and long nights of the year, when you need to keep your children busy inside the house: whether you make long chains or little chestnut figures, chestnuts make some lovely autumn decoration!
  2. Watching ducks in “Volksgarten”: Volksgarten is a huge
    Geese in Volksgarten

    park in the South of Düsseldorf, and you will find plenty of ducks, geese, and swans there. While you should not feed the birds (industrial food has an adverse effect on their health), your children will find them fun to watch as the ducks dive for worms or the geese waddle across the lawn.

    Duck pond
  3. Petting zoo: In the Southern part of Volksgarten, you will find another place your children will love: a small petting zoo. Sing along to Old MacDonald as you watch the goats, pigs, donkeys, and rabbits. Relax in the café nearby as you gather some energy to play miniature golf next door. A perfect day for families!
    Farmhouse in Südpark
    Goats in the petting zoo


  4. Flying kites: Although these warm sunny days remind us of summer, we cannot deny it – autumn is here, and it
    Kite flying in Oberkassel

    brought us wind! Shaking the trees but also our kites, so grab your glue and make your own or get a kite in your local toy shop. The most popular spots for flying kites are the river banks in Oberkassel or in Kaiserswerth.

  5. Bike trips: Before we put away our bicycles and roller blades for the winter this is now the last chance to make some trips around Düsseldorf! Cycle along the popular Rhine waterside promenade to Kaiserswerth, or have a look around Unterbacher See. Pack a picnic and enjoy a perfect Sunday trip!

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