Our favourite things to do in Düsseldorf

New in town? Below we share our favourite places of Dusseldorf with you that will make you fall in love with the city in no time!

  • One of the top things to do on a sunny day is take a stroll along the “Rheinuferpromenade” (water front along the Rhine). You will be able to get a lovely view of the river as well as of the neighbourhood “Oberkassel” on the opposite side of the river with its beautiful art nouveau houses. The riverside promenade is furthermore a popular route for sports enthusiasts of any kind. It is also the spot where students meet on a warm evening to have a beer and watch the sunset.
  • Before coming to Dusseldorf, you probably heard of the “”, Düsseldorf’s famous luxury shopping mile. Designer clothes, perfume, chinaware, jewellery – this boulevard has everything you could wish for. And if you are not planning on spending 500€ on a handbag, you will still be able to find stores at moderate prices in between, such as Zara, or simply enjoy some window-shopping and sightings of Düsseldorf’s high society.
  • Have a look around the “Medienhafen” (media harbour). This formerly commercial harbour has now been reinvented as a harbour for yachts and boats, with plenty of bars and restaurants surrounding it. Several media and fashion companies have their offices in this area. Look out for the famous “Neuer Zollhof” complex – the three buildings have been designed by the American-Canadian architect Frank O. Gehry, who designed world-famous architectural masterpieces such as the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, the World Disney Concert Hall in LA, or the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris.
  • A must-do on the list for nature lovers is the “Hofgarten”. This municipal garden sprawls across 27ha and features colourful flowerbeds, endless alleys, modern sculptures, and historic monuments. Interesting fact: a part of the Hofgarten was already laid out in 1769 – this makes it Germany’s oldest municipal park. The perfect place to spend the afternoon with a book on a park bench or to get lost in the gardens on a lazy Sunday.
  • This last one often comes as a surprise for a lot of people unfamiliar with Dusseldorf: have a look around Dusseldorf’s Japanese quarter. Located around “Immermannstraße” you will find numerous Japanese restaurants, shops, and bakeries. With currently around 11,000 Japanese residents, Düsseldorf hosts one of the biggest Japanese communities in Europe.